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My commitment to exceptional customer service starts with a shared cup of coffee. I value the opportunity to connect with you, understand your interests, and help shape your vision for the perfect property. Having grown up in a small town with a family-owned health food store, I honed the art of attentive listening—a skill that has proven invaluable throughout my extensive experience in the retail and hospitality sectors in the Pacific Northwest. Now, as I delve into the realm of Montana's luxury real estate market, I'm eager to apply this expertise to ensure your satisfaction and success in finding your dream property.

My husband, Jeff, our two sons, and I share a love for hiking, and Montana's stunning landscapes make it an ideal hiking destination. The allure of Montana beckoned us, and we responded. We are grateful to now call the Flathead Valley our home.

Having been a licensed broker in Oregon and Washington, it was only natural for me to continue in a profession I am passionate about, showcasing the unforgettable beauty of Montana to my clients. So, let's come together over a cup of coffee and begin our journey to discover the ideal Montana luxury real estate property tailored just for you. After all, great things often unfold over a shared cup of coffee!

Judy Grambow Real Estate Expert Kalispell Montana


Coyote Bluff guests working with Judy for real estate will enjoy a 20% discount on their room during their stay.

Luxury real estate in Kalispell Montana
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